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GoEco emphasizes maintaining a Clean Environment! We promote eco-friendly products that have been derived from renewable resources and are completely biodegradable.

Keep her Happy and the Mother Nature will take care of everyone! With this belief, GoEco here like to give back the maximum to Mother Nature! With all biodegradable products, the motto is clear – Declare an open war against Environmental Pollution!

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Our Gratitude to Mother Nature

We have a responsibility towards Mother Nature to protect it. Mother Nature has power to nature One’s Soul.

What We Do For Making Eco-Friendly

Making a truly eco-friendly product keeps both environmental and human safety in mind.

Why We Are Your Best Choice

Eco-friendly, all-natural products ensure safety from all dangerous chemicals and risk-free.

What We Value The

To enhancing our communities and way of life through measurable improvements to our environment.

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Our Products



Meal Trays

Food Containers

Bagasse plates

Bagasse Plates

Whether setting up for a family get-together or refilling the disposable office dishes our GoEco Bagasse Biodegradable Plates are perfect for convenience and environmentally friendly clean-up;
  • Ideal For Hot And Cold Treats
  • Eco Friendly Disposables
  • Sturdy Design

Bagasse Bowls

Bagasse Bowl 180ml and 2 oz. capacity. These can be used as salad bowls, soup bowls, cereal bowl, ramen bowl, pho bowl, rice bowl, or kids’ ice cream bowls. It is perfect for serving individual portions.
  • Ultra Strong And Leak Proof.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Composable.
  • 100% Microwave Safe, Refrigerator Safe.
  • 100% Food Grade and Non-Toxic

Bagasse Meal Tray

Conveniently separate and serve entrees and sides using our GoEco Rectangle White Sugarcane/Bagasse Food Trays.
  • 5-Compartment Trays:
  • 100% Sugarcane Fiber:
  • Perfect for Any Occasion:

Bagasse Food Containers

Bagasse Food Containers 500 ml capacity. These can be used to put the brunch, takeout, pasta, and your signature dishes.
  • Ultra Strong And Leak Proof.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Composable.
  • 100% Microwave Safe, Refrigerator Safe.

Bagasse Clamshells

Bagasse Clamshell are perfect for taking food on the go! A better alternative to plastic containers, our Bagasse Clamshell were specially designed to hold greasy foods without having liquids seeping through.
  • Ultra Strong And Leak Proof.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Compostable.
  • Perfect for Any Catering:

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Renewable Plant Fibers

100% Plastic Free

Food Contact Safe

100% compostable

Microwave & Freezer Safe

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